Oh, the ‘90s. 

A time when R&B was super popping: singers sang (oh, yes – vocals were on point) and the listeners’ only option was to bust-a-move. After all, what more can one do when dope music is bumping? And, it’s okay to admit that you were doing the bankhead bounce to the bassline of ‘No Diggity.’ No judgment. 

Without doubt fans still remember their ‘90s era moves. ESSENCE caught-up with some of the hottest R&B singers of the time: RL from NEXT, Richard Wingo from Jagged Edge and Chauncey from Blackstreet. We asked about some of the artists’ favorite ‘90s era bumpers and their dance of choice.

RL of Next says that one of his favorite ’90s era track is ‘Summertime’ by Will Smith. 

But no serious footwork for RL — he is fond if the two-step.

JE’s Richard Wingo would bump ‘Cry for You,’ by Jodeci. His dance of choice is the whop. Considering that Cry for You is a slow jam, we imagine that he did a super slow whop.

And then there was Chauncey. Blackstreet front man, Chauncey Black, came up with quite a few answers – and even mentioned music by the incomparable Stevie Wonder in his response – but we forced to Chauncy to choose.  His final answer: ‘Whip Appeal’ by the one and only, Babyface (the song came out in ’89, but we let Chauncey rock). Black describes his dance of choice as the “sex dance.” Ehem. Let’s just call his dance of choice, the whine.