Ray Rice Dreads Explaining Domestic Violence Incident to Young Daughter
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice has been a free agent ever since video footage was released of him knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator. And now, Rice is understanding the long-term repercussions of his actions.

In an interview with the Dan Patrick Show, Rice admitted that he was dreading the day that he would have to explain the incident to his now-3-year-old daughter.

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“She knows nothing, and it’s our job to praise her the right way,” Rice said. “And when it’s time for me to have that daddy-daughter talk, it’s something that I think about day to day, every day of my life that I wake up.”

He said that though she’s young, she is curious as to why her father is no longer playing football. He says that he “crafts responses” to explain the situation, but at some point, he knows that he will have to be honest with her.

“I would hate for her to type in my name [on Google],” he said, “and the first thing to come up is the video.”

When do you think Rice should have the conversation with his daughter?