Singer Ray J has finally broken his silence publicly about the tragic death of his longtime friend Whitney Houston.

On Friday, during a press conference at the headquarters of the Los Angeles Sentinel, Ray J spoke out about his loss and what his grieving process has been like.

“I really miss my friend,” he said. The Norwood and Houston families have been close for years, and he and Whitney were often rumored to be more than friends. Houston passed away on Ray J’s sister Brandy’s birthday. He admits, beginning the healing process has not been easy for him.

“This is all new for me,” said Ray J. “I’m really emotional right now, and I really don’t know really what to say. But, what I will say, is that I love, and I’m hurt, but I enjoy being around people that support me and give me a sense of peace.”

Ray J was on hand to support the local Brotherhood Crusade and Mothers in Action group.

Watch the press conference now.