Raven Symone Weight-Loss Journey

Raven Symone’s Weight-Loss Journey

Once proud to call herself “thick and fabulous,” actress Raven Symone showed off her smaller size at this week’s People’s Choice Awards. Symone may have gone down to a sample size, but the former “Cosby Show” starlet who has reportedly lost 35 pounds, never thought her fuller figure was a problem in her eyes. In fact, she embraced her heavy. “I thought I looked fabulous before and nobody else did,” she told PEOPLE. “So, whatever.” Though she’s fabulous at any size in our eyes, take a look at the sassy 25-year-old’s weight-loss journey.

She’s the Boss

Symone says the stress of starring in her own sitcom, “That’s So Raven” for four years was one of the major catalysts for her fluctuating weight. “That’s what stress does to you,” she told PEOPLE.

Pretty Girl Rock

The former “Cosby Show” star has been vocal about the pressure to stay think in Hollywood. “Yes, I go exercise; I eat right; I have a nutritionist,” she told NPR, “but I can’t fulfill what is quote/unquote ‘the beauty number’ of what you’re supposed to be on the scale. I can’t do that. And you know what? I’m sorry if that keeps me from getting jobs, if that keeps me from being in certain clothes. I can’t do it.”

You Glow Girl

Despite all the pressures to be thin in Hollywood, Symone says she looks at her family and realizes we’re not all meant to be rail-thin. We hear you Raven!

Speak Your Mind

Symone once took to her blog to address the chatter around her weight. She wrote: “I’d love if the industry could understand that there is a difference between obesity and fat, thick and thin and sick.”

Fab at Any Size

“I am a thick girl, I have never been over a size 12. I can run and I try my best to eat right all the time,” wrote Symone on her blog.

Full-Figured Fab

At one point, Symone went up to 170 pounds, but with healthy eating habits and exercise the “That’s So Raven” star reportedly lost 35 pounds.

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In Her Shoes

In 2008, Symone told PEOPLE that she had taken up a daily exercise regimen that included boxing and playing soccer with a personal trainer.

Support System

When her body critics criticize her on her weight, Symome says she turns to her friends and family for support. She hopes to inspire other young women to love their curves.

All Grown Up

Perhaps coming into her womanhood, a sultry Raven Symone appeared on the red carpet of the 4th Annual Black Girls Rock! awards in 2009. By then the mogul-in-the-making was making a conscious effort to eat healthier and exercise.

Slim and Sultry

Symone showed off her smaller figure at the premiere for “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue” in 2009.

New Look

At the 2010 Soul Train Awards, sexy and slim Raven Symone appeared with long locks and a new look on the red carpet. Whether trim or thick, Symone seems to embrace her size, Now that we love!

All Eyes on Her

“I’m healthy, I exercise, I believe in myself, and I think I’m beautiful.” We couldn’t agree more Raven!

Fierce and Fab

Though she isn’t sharing the exact details of her weight loss, Symone admits to feeling a little awkward now that she is smaller. “Actually, now I wear bigger clothes because I don’t like the way people stare at me,” she told PEOPLE. “I liked it before. Now, you’re just looking at me for the wrong reasons. Before, you were actually looking at me for a real reason.”