For Raven-Symone, being in the entertainment business all her life has been rewarding, yet tough. The actress, who began in front of the camera at only 2 years old, recently spoke out on how being treated unfairly in school while growing up has motivated her to work with young girls today.

“[Going to school] wasn’t fun. I wasn’t a popular girl,” Raven shared on “The Talk.” “I was the outcast and it didn’t help that the principal would announce that anyone who asked me about work or for an autograph would get detention.”

The lessons learned from her ordeal are why the mini mogulista is so passionate about helping girls boost their self-esteem.

“I just went to a summer camp Arkansas, which is a wonderful camp for girls with low self-esteem,” she said. “It’s about being comfortable with who you are and not about what other people want you to be.”

“Being in the [entertainment] industry. I know it’s very hard to find a good self-esteem boost,” she added.

We love hearing about Raven’s positive work in the community!

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