Radar 4/26: The Pop Culture Periscope

Radar 4/26: The Pop Culture Periscope

As we noted last week, this week is the last of April. Next up is May, then June, then…summer!

Sorry, didn’t mean to skip so far ahead, but as the weather heats up, it seems that everybody’s mood is lifting as well, which is a very beautiful thing. It can only get better.

So, are you all caught up on your reality fix or are you too engrossed in the NBA playoffs to care about “The Basketball Wives?” Did you catch Gabourey on “SNL” on Saturday? If so, please share your thoughts. Are you, like the rest of us, still recovering from Mo’Nique’s family drama that played out on Oprah last week? Speaking of Lady O, are you ready to commit to driving-without-talking for ‘National No Phone Zone Day’ this Friday? Be sure to tune in to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for details.

This week, we’re keeping our fingers tightly crossed for Niecy who, despite her best efforts to keep the fancy footwork going, is not feeling as much love from the judges as we’d hoped for.Tonight, she enters her sixth week of competition. You are voting, right? Oh, and we don’t mean to leave out the ever-so-handsome Ochocinco. We’re pulling (and voting) for you, too, brother.

Monday, April 26

TV: Poet Sonia Sanchez takes the couch at “The Tavis Smiley Show.” Check your local listings.

Tuesday, April 27

TV: Tonight, the sixth round of eliminations goes down on “Dancing with the Stars.” Make sure you cast your votes for Niecy and Ochocinco.

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Wednesday, April 28

TV: Former child star, Todd Bridges, sits for a chat on “The Oprah Wiinfrey Show.”

Later, “Iron Man 2” star, Don Cheadle, stops through “Lopez Tonight.”

Thursday, April 29

TV:“Celebrity Apprentice” dynamo, Holly Robinson-Peete," sits in at “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Then, tune in to “Lopez Tonight” to catch Wanda Sykes cut up with George.

Friday, April 30

TV: Venus Williams chats it up on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Special note: Oprah has officially crowned this day “National No Phone Zone Day.” Make sure you keep your eyes on the road and your hands off of your cellie… and drive safely!