Racist Threats Move NAACP to Start Discrimination Hotline
AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Following recent threats against Black students at the University of Missouri, a local NAACP chapter has opened up a confidential hotline that allows students to immediately report threats.

According to The Huffington Post, the organization’s Jefferson City branch announced Friday that Mizzou students can now report threats to 844-NAACP-HELP.

The number will help students who many not be comfortable reporting threats to law enforcement authorities. Nimrod Chapel, president of the Jefferson City NAACP says there is currently an “abysmal” record for prosecuting hate crimes.

The University of Missouri made headlines this week after demands for the resignation of university President Tim Wolfe was met. 

Chapel said it’s “unfortunate” the NAACP hasn’t been “at the forefront of this issue.”  

“The students and concerned members of the University of Missouri have given us all a wake up call,” Chapel said, adding that the actions of student activists in standing up to inequality is “commendable.”

The hotline is available to students on the university campus and in surrounding areas.