The Rachel Dolezal saga continues.

Five months after it came out that Dolezal had been passing as Black for years, the former Spokane, Washington, NAACP leader sat down with the women of The Real and revealed that she was, indeed, born White, reports PEOPLE.

Is ‘Transracial’ Identity Real? 11 Opinions That Will Leave You Thinking

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“I acknowledge that I was biologically born White to White parents, but I identify as Black,” she said as the audience gave her a standing ovation.

She elaborated, saying that she began calling herself biracial in 1998, and has considered herself Black since 2006.

“Sometimes how we feel is more powerful than how we’re born, and Blackness can be defined as a philosophical, cultural, biological, you know?” she said. “It’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people.”

What do you think of Dolezal’s admission?