Quincy Jones Releases Statement on Maya Angelou’s Passing
Moneta Sleet, Jr./ Ebony Collection via AP Images

An outpouring of love has come from celebrities and politicians alike following the news of Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing. One of the legendary poet’s close friends, Quincy Jones, released an official statement on the loss Angelou saying:

“I am so deeply saddened about the loss of my dear friend, colleague and sister of 46 years, Maya Angelou.  From collaborating on two songs on my soundtrack for “For Love of Ivy” in 1968 to delivering her poem “Pulse of the Morning” during the Clinton Inaugural in 1992, working with Maya always brought joy and love.  As an author and poet, Maya Angelou’s ability to channel God’s voice and express the feelings deep within all of humanity will never be matched by another.  She gave us words when we could find none, and helped us to see clearly when the light was dimmest.  Maya would always teasingly say to me, “Darling, let’s have ‘lurnch’”, and I will always be ready.  I will miss her deeply, but I know her presence will always be with us.”


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