Happy Friday eve! This morning’s round up includes the timely tidbits you need to know this Thursday morning. 

1. The trailer for Tamar & Vince has dropped, following recent news that Tamar Braxton has filed for divorce from her husband, Vincent Herbert. The season five teaser is just as dramatic as you’d expect, which means we will definitely be tuning in to see what the drama is all about. (YouTube)

2. Trump is pretty proud of himself for rebranding the media “fake news.” The former reality star, who enjoys sharing fake news of his own, said during a Fox News interview that “if you look at the level of approval of the media, of general media—if you look at it from the day I started running, to now, I’m so proud I have been able to convince people how fake it is, because it has taken a nosedive.” (The Daily Beast)

3. A plague outbreak has killed 124 in Madagascar. Almost 1,200 people have been infected since August. A majority of cases are from the pneumonic form of the disease, which spreads from person to person. The World Health Organization and International Federation of Red Cross have set up aid in various health centers. (CNN)

4. Gabrielle Union will reportedly star in a Bad Boys television spin-off. And, that excited gasp you just heard was us freaking out about the possibility of this happening. (Deadline)

5. Republicans are considering capping 401K contributions as part of a tax overhaul. But, it seems Republicans and Trump are not seeing eye to eye on the plan. While the White House has said there will be no changes to 401Ks, the Republicans say that the idea is still on the table. (WSJ)

6. A second woman has accused former president George H. W. Bush of groping her. Bush recently apologized for groping actress Heather Lind. Now, Jordana Grolnick, a New York actress, is sharing her story. (Deadspin)

7. Mariah Carey was spotted wearing the 35-carat engagement ring given to her by ex James Packer. This comes shortly after Packer called their relationship a “mistake.” Is Mariah firing shots, who knows? But, it’s a 35-carat diamond ring and you can’t blame a girl for accessorizing. (The Sun)

8. Jamie Foxx has signed on to play Black Panther leader Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt in the upcoming film Signal Hill. The Academy Award-winner will star alongside Anthony Mackie in the Johnnie Cochran biopic, which sees Cochran’s rise as a legal phenom. (Deadline)