The feud between rappers Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea wages on. Last week, Banks gave an emotional radio interview about how the Australian rapper is appropriating hip-hop culture. Iggy responded by criticizing Banks on Twitter, calling her a “bigot” and saying that she’s making their feud racial. But rapper Q-Tip thinks Iggy still has a lot to learn. Over the weekend, he schooled Australian rapper Iggy on hip hop—literally. In a series of nearly 40 tweets, the hip-hop legend kindly shared a history lesson about the origins of the musical genre in an attempt to help Iggy understand the culture behind music she’s become a part of. Atlanta rapper T.I., who publicly endorses Iggy, defended the Australian rapper on his own Twitter saying that while he agrees with Q-Tip about the source of hip-hop music, he believes it’s time that white rappers and Black rappers learn to “live in harmony.” What do you think?