Forty-something’s looking for some young-lovin’ better step aside because there’s a new cougar in town. Apparently, women in their 30’s who like to date younger men are being called “pumas,” reports Women’s Health Magazine.

Pumas have gained some solid ground in their careers and are looking to younger men for some “carefree, relaxed” fun, according to WH. Also, the fact that these young men would rather date them than a woman their own age, gives the 30-something’s a little boost of confidence, the article reports.

It’s no wonder that younger guys are attracted to these slightly older women. A lot of women tend to look their best in our thirties. After their metabolisms drop around 26 or so, they finally figure out how to eat right and exercise frequently. Furthermore, a lot of women in their 30’s have traveled and been around the block a time or two. Their worldliness is probably appealing to these young guys who are still figuring struggling with their own identities.

Men are drawn to these women for their “independence, direction in life and job success,” The Center of Evolutionary Studies at Rutgers University’s Helen Fisher, Ph.D. told WH. Moreover, Fisher said it shows a “shift that changed what many men desire in a partner.”

Understanding why women might want to date these young men seems to be a little trickier. If women are looking for men that might be a little less stable, are we willing to pull our weight and our guys’ weight? Are we taking these guys seriously? Are we willing to change our expectations in order to be with someone who is more “carefree and relaxed” than the men in our peer group?

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