Project Runway’s first-ever African-American winner Dom Streater has offically burst onto the New York Fashion Week scene. 

According to the Huffington Post, the 25-year-old designer presented her first collection during the NYFW festivities. The 27-piece Fall/Winter 2014 collection called Prima was presented in a studio in downtown New York City to an audience of editors, bloggers and fashion insiders.

The Philadelphia native said that her inspiration for the collection came from a photograph of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. “It’s this really ethereal, wild child photo—but also really romantic.”

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In an industry that has publically struggled with diversity, Streater says that she doesn’t feel any added pressure to have a successful career because she is an African-American designer. 

“I don’t think the expectations for me should be any different from any other designers who have won. The only expectations I have is that my designs are good every season and that’s the only thing I want to deliver,” said Streater. “In the past five years I’ve seen more growth in diversity within the industry than I have ever seen. So I think it’s definitely something we’re moving towards.”