We all like to be discreet when it comes to matters of our beloved vibrators, but sometimes a rubber ducky disguised love toy won’t do the trick. This is where the Tinge Razor comes in.

The vibrator looks like a razor because, well actually, it is! The product, valued at $99 (which can be a downer in these economic times), has 32 speed/mode variations to keep things thrilling and spontaneous. The package is equipped with a charging base, power adapter, pleasure gel and two razor replacement cartridges. Not to mention, the 2-in-1 product is waterproof so it’s perfectly fine to keep it as a prop on the tub.

However, your intent to blush on the hush may end with its clever disguise because of the ever so powerful sound waves (powerful can be good, right?). But if noise and price are not an issue, this product may just do the job. Plus, it’ll come in handy when you forget to pack razors in your suitcase and somehow managed to remember the Tinge!

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Our rating: 3 ½ out of 4 Vibrations


Purchase the Tinge Razor at www.mytinge.com.