Wedding Groomscakes

In international news, as the royal wedding approaches Prince William of England has put in his requests for his grooms cake — a simple recipe of McVite’s Rich Tea Biscuits (or cookies in America) and chocolate. While grooms cake don’t make it to the wedding reception very often these days, we love the sentiment of a special treat just for the groom. Since we began to run our “Bridal Bliss” column on, a few brides have surprised their hubbys with grooms cakes. Let’s take a look at our favorites…

Footballer’s Wife

When Dana married her college sweetheart, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Matt Ware, she wanted to show him that she appreciated his love of the game.


Dana ordered Matt a grooms cake with a Cardials helmet to show him she was ready to go the distance.

Always and Forever

Even when she were 19, Audrey knew that Kevin was the guy for her. She made sure to thank him for sticking by her side on their wedding night.

Team Players

Audrey showed Kevin that she’s always got his back with a grooms cake designed after his favorite football team.

You Make My Heart Sing

TV and radio personality Egypt was so glad to find the love of her life in Mike she wanted to tell everybody about it.

Press Play

She found the perfect way to share her love — and celebrate her and Mike’s appreciation of music — with a grooms cake shaped like a turn table.

The Love Letter

When Bobby Rouse wrote an article about finding love for ESSENCE Magazine, he was inundated with thousands of responses from women — one of them being from his future wife, Erica Davis. Erica showed him she was the right choice with a sweet surprise during the wedding reception.

Top Score

Since Bobby used to play professional basketball in Europe, Erica ordered him a grooms cake with a basketball.

The Love Boat

When Eugene won Kendra the perfect cruise ship wedding by proposing to her via ESSENCE’s “Will You Marry Me” competition, Kendra thought it only fair that she thank her groom in a big way.


She ordered a grooms cake that paid homage to Eugene’s alma mater — Alabama State University.

London Calling

Venus flew all the way to London to meet the man of her dreams, Ike. When she brought him back to the U.S. of A. she wanted to make sure that he felt right at home.

Chocolate Dreams

Nothing says “I love you” like chocolate. Ike’s chocolate grooms cake was made sweeter with caramel and cashew filling before being topped with rich, luscious chocolate icing.