In 2010 Prince introduced the world to Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding. This past in February at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Spalding took home the Grammy for ‘Best New Artist’ instantly catapulting her into the mainstream spotlight. Today, she maintains her friendship with Prince and says he offers her “lots of advice.”

US Magazine sat down with the Grammy winner to talk about her recent achievement and her relationship with Prince. “Prince is a very kind and intelligent person. We hit it off as friends as the same time we started jamming together, so his advice has always been musician to musician as well as from friend to another” she said.

“He gives me a lot of sound advice about navigating through the business side of music, and he’s always my critical listener when I have a new musical idea. And that’s not even mentioning his musical genius which is of course a continual source of inspiration.”

It’s inspiring to see one of music’s biggest influences passing on words of wisdom to future generations. We look forward to watching Spalding grow and flourish into a beautiful and talented musician.


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