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Pressure Is on for African-Americans with Hypertension

New survey reveals that 63 percent of African-Americans with high blood pressure are more worried about their finances than their personal health.

High blood pressure affects about 73 million adults (age 20 and older) in the U.S. and is often called the “silent killer,” with African-Americans being more likely to develop the condition than any other racial or ethnic group, though scientists have yet to determine the exact reason why this is true, according to the American Heart Association.  

To address this concern the Association of Black Cardiologists and Daiichi Sankyo, Inc., launched the My Pressure Points national consumer education campaign. The goal of the campaign is to draw attention to this vital health subject and encourage African-Americans to focus on their high blood pressure in addition to external pressures like job, family and finances. My Pressure Points conducted a survey that revealed more than two-thirds (63 percent) of African-American with hypertension reported they were more “stressed” about their financial situation than their personal health. Take a proactive approach to your health and visit Mypressurepoints.com for more information on this important health issue.—QS

How are you juggling life’s pressure points?