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4 Things We Can Expect To See From Trump's 'State Of The Union' Address

4 Things We Can Expect To See From Trump’s ‘State Of The Union’ Address 
President Donald Trump will be addressing the nation Tuesday in his first ever State of the Union address. It has been a rollercoaster first-year in office for Trump, and he will be sharing his wins-to-date and future goals with the nation. The White House said he will be looking to create immigration reform, an infrastructure bill, work for welfare programs, and trade. “You can expect the president will be speaking from the heart,” a senior administration official told reporters in a background call Friday. While we’re not exactly sure if we’ll get teleprompter Trump, or the off-the-cuff man who appeals to his majority white base, here are four points we can expect him to touch in his speech: Employment and the economy Trump will be happy to bring up the current booming economy, while he takes credit for his continued deregulation and tax cut legislation. (We, of course, expect him to say he is the cause for the record low Black unemployment rate). Immigration The Trump administration has rolled out an early immigration legislation framework, in which they are asking for $25 billion for a border wall in return to a path to citizenship for the almost 2 million “Dreamers.” Trade The president touted that the nation “is open for business” when he met with the world elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last week. He will promote this same policy — alongside his America First but “not alone” theme — to the country on Tuesday. Infrastructure The president will describe his plan for a bipartisan infrastructure bill in order to repair many of country’s  roads, bridges and airports. As for the president’s performance? “It will still be worth watching — not only as performance art, but also as a signal of the image the president and his staff want to convey. Just remember that Teleprompter Trump isn’t the real thing. For that, you’ll have to wait until Twitter Trump reappears,” Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus writes. Will you be watching the State of the Union?