Man Claims President Trump Owes Him Back Pay In White House Rent
Alex Wong/Getty Images

A man who claims to be a descendant of George Washington is suing President Donald Trump for not paying his White House rent.

According to TMZ, William Feegba claims that being a descendant of the nation’s first president makes him the landlord of the White House. And Trump has failed to pay rent since he moved in last year.

Feegba is claiming that Trump owes him $240,000 in unpaid rent.

However, Trump is not the first president that Feegba has sued: Feegba has filed a lawsuit against every single president since Jimmy Carter, claiming that they owe him back rent ranging from $12,000 to $100,000.

None of his Feegba’s lawsuits have been successful, but we are interested in seeing how or even if President Trump responds.