President Obama Confirms He’s Writing Another Book
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President Obama may be heading out of the White House, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop hearing from him anytime soon.

The President has made it a point to reassure the masses he will continue to remain visible and involved on multiple levels despite his final term in office nearing its end. One of the ways in which he’ll keep that promise is by penning a memoir following his Oval Office exit.

During a recent sit-down on CNN with his former campaign manager David Axelrod, POTUS confirmed he’ll release a book following the official end of his second presidential term.

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“I’m gonna start thinking about the first book I want to write,” he told Axelrod while speaking on his plans once he’s no longer president. Although the current Commander-In-Chief will for sure be looking to get a head-start on his upcoming literary venture, he has something else in mind to focus on for the immediate future.

“Well, I think….my intentions on January 21 [are] to sleep, take my wife on a nice vacation,” he added. “And she has said it better be nice.”

President Obama’s upcoming book will be the latest of several he’s penned in recent years, including 2004’s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, which was released in 2006.