President Obama Vows to Help After Oklahoma Tornados
Getty Images

On Monday, President Obama reached out to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin after Oklahoma City’s suburbs were destroyed by a ripping tornado, reports the White House.

The president sent out the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to give the city assistance and called Fallin to discuss rescue efforts. He also encouraged Fallin to reach out to him directly to garner further help from the Federal Government.

Homeland Security is keeping Obama informed on the state of Oklahoma City, while organizations like the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Feed the Children are accepting donations to aid in recovery efforts.

The tornado, with winds up to 200 mph, destroyed entire areas in Moore and Newcastle, leaving buildings completely ravaged. So far, 242 people have been treated for various injuries. As of this morning, the death toll is 24.

This monring, President Obama delivered a brief statement on the situation. “As a nation, our full focus right now is on the urgent work of rescue, and the hard work of recovery and rebuilding that lies ahead,” said the president. “So the people of Moore should know that their country will remain on the ground, there for them, beside them as long as it takes. For there are homes and schools to rebuild, businesses and hospitals to reopen, there are parents to console, first responders to comfort, and, of course, frightened children who will need our continued love and attention.”