President Obama Rips on Steph Curry During Visit to White House
Win McNamee/Getty Images
The President has some advice for Steph Curry when it comes to celebrating after a win. Rule #1: Don’t break out the victory dance. Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s Sweetest Family Moments CNN reports that in a visit to the White House to commemorate winning the 2015 NBA Championship, Curry and his Golden State Warrior teammates met with the Commander-in-Chief as he helped to celebrate their victory. Obama, a notorious basketball fan, called Curry a “pretty good shooter” but wasn’t particularly fond of the point guard’s 51 point performance against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night. “For those who watched the game against the Wizards last night, it was, to use slang, he was clowing,” the President said. “He was jumping up and down. Just settle down.” Steph, you should take the President’s advice, he knows a thing or two about what to do after you win big.