President Obama Responds to Boston Marathon Bombs
Getty Images

Not long after the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, President Barack Obama addressed the nation assuring justice will be served.

He authorized the FBI and Homeland Security to investigate the incident that left three dead and 154 people injured. “We will find out who did this, and we will hold them accountable,” said Obama during his brief speech.

He took a moment to thank the first responders on the scene who risked their own lives. “Boston police, firefighters and first responders as well as the National Guard responded heroically, and continue to do so as we speak,” said the president. “It’s a reminder that so many Americans serve and sacrifice on our behalf every single day, without regard to their own safety, in dangerous and difficult circumstances. And we salute all those who assisted in responding so quickly and professionally to this tragedy.”

Watch President Obama’s heartfelt speech above. Share your thoughts and prayers for those greatly affected by the Boston bombings.


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