President Obama Praises University of Missouri Student Activists

The President has shared his thoughts on the student activism that has taken place at the University of Missouri.

President Obama applauded Mizzou students for their social stance regarding the racism on their college campus but in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, he offered some advice for the millennial revolutionaries.

“I think it is entirely appropriate for students in a thoughtful, peaceful way to protest,” he said in an interview as seen on ABC News.

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The Commander-In-Chief, who was once a student activist against the South African apartheid, stated that being vocal also means being willing to listen.

“I want them to know that being an activist involves hearing the other side,” Obama said as he disagrees with the notion of militant political correctness approach to protest.

President Obama praised both the university football team and head coach for their actions as they were “standing up for something that they [thought] was right as [it] harken[ed] back to a powerful tradition that helped to bring back great change in this country.”

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