During a visit with the ladies of “The View,” President Obama spoke about a range of hot button topics — from the serious (jobs and the economy) to the not-so-serious (Lindsay Lohan and Snooki). Asked about the contents of his iPod, the President answered: “You name a song, I’ve got it… I’ve got Jay-Z on there, I got Frank Sinatra on there, Maria Callas…”   The conversation also took a serious turn when the President spoke about jobs and the economy and the Shirley Sherrod controversy. “What I do think happened in that situation is that a 24/7 media cycle that is always looking for controversy and oftentimes doesn’t get to the facts first generated a phony controversy,” he said. “A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration. And part of the lesson that I want everyone to draw is, let’s not assume the worst of other people but let’s assume the best. Let’s make sure we get the fact straight before we act.”  The President also complained about the fact that only 10 people have access to his BlackBerry. “Nobody wants to send me the real juicy stuff,” he joked.