President Obama hosts final My Brother’s Keeper summit, promises to continue work “for the rest of my life”
Yunus Kaymaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

President Obama’s administration maybe coming to an end, but he has promised to stay committed to one of his most cherished programs.

Obama said Wednesday he will be invested “for the rest of my life” to My Brother’s Keeper, his mentorship program for young men of color, CNN reports.

Speaking at the final White House event for the initiative, Obama said his goals to reduce barriers to success for minority boys and youth would not end once he left office. 

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“I see myself in these young people,” Obama said. “I grew up without a father. There were times when I made poor choices, times where I was adrift. The only difference between me and a lot of other young men is that I grew up in a forgiving environment.”

And though Trump may take apart many of the Obama administration’s initiatives, White House officials say it would be hard to do so with this initiative: more than 250 communities around the country are running their own My Brother’s Keeper programs, CNN reports.