President Obama Calls for Reporters to Hold More Politicians Accountable: ‘People Still Want the Truth’

During a keynote at the 2016 Toner Prize ceremony, named after The New York Times reporter Robin Toner who died in 2008, President Obama called on journalists to use their integrity to hold politicians more accountable.

The President remarked that the quality of journalism is only as good as those who produce it. 

“I value great journalism,” he said. “Continue to ask us questions that make us honest and value diplomacy.”

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Throughout his speech, the President declared a call to action for reporters, especially those covering the 2016 campaign to do “a job well done [that] is about more than just handing someone a microphone.”

“When people put their faith into someone who can’t possibly deliver his or her own promises that breeds more cynicism.”

While Obama said he understands the need to produce more buzzy content to “feed the beast” of surface-level stories, he urged for journalists to stick to their convictions in holding politicians to a higher standard to give the American people something of substance. 

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