It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a good girl or a good boy this year; President Obama thinks that every kid deserves whichever toy they want this holiday season. Addicting Info reports that the President took it upon himself to make sure the toys and games weren’t enforcing gender stereotypes while helping sort toys with Toys For Tots earlier this month.

“T-ball? Girls like T-ball,” President Obama said as he sorted the sports game into the Girls’ box. “I wanna make sure some girls play some ball. I’m trying to break down these gender stereotypes.”

This is the sixth year the First Lady has been involved with Toys For Tots. Every year, she’s helped the charity organization sort girls toys from boys toys to give away on Christmas day. This year, President Obama got involved for the first time and made sure the toys selected promoted both fun and gender equality.

“I’m positive that girls 0 to 2 (years old), that’s perfect for the Call of Duty video game,” the President joked.