President Obama Becomes First President in 88 Years to Visit Cuba
For the first time in nearly 90 years, as U.S. president has touched down on Cuban soil. Yesterday afternoon, President Obama and his family arrived in Cuba as part of the Obama administration’s pledge to improve relations between the two nations, reports the Associated Press. President Obama Announces Plans to Improve Relationship With Cuba “For the first time, the American flag flies over an embassy, and having the embassy here means we can more effectively advance our interests and values and understand the Cuban people and their concerns,” President Obama told staff at the U.S. embassy, which officially opened last August. After arriving in the capital of Havana, President Obama went on a walking tour of the city, where they were greeted by cheering crowds. During his visit, Obama is scheduled to meet with Cuban president Raul Castro and Cuban entrepreneurs. The First Family is also scheduled to attend a baseball game with Castro tomorrow afternoon. American Flag Raised at U.S. Embassy in Cuba for First Time in 50 Years Relations between the two countries have been frayed since 1961, when the United States attempted to overthrow Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro. In December 2014, the White House announced that the two countries’ isolation tactics have not worked and vowed to improve relations, soften travel bans and loosen remittance regulations.

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