This afternoon, a solid and calm President Obama addressed the nation regarding hurricane Irene recovery efforts.

The 400 mile wide hurricane is blamed for at least 19 deaths across eight states and knocking out power to more than four million according to New York’s Eye Witness News and CNN.

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Though the damage is devastating in many areas, the President sends his thoughts and prayers to those who continue to need emergency responders’ help.

More importantly, the President wants people to understand that response and recovery efforts will be part of an “on going operation” that could last several weeks.

“The impact of this storm will be felt for some time,” said the President. He went ahead and confirmed that power may be out in many areas for days to come — as many of us are not out of the woods when it comes to power outages and floods.

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“We are going to make sure we respond as quickly as possible,” he concluded.

How are you recovering from hurricane Irene? Was there extensive damage in your neighborhood? We want to know.


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