Nearly six months after his death this past summer, clues of just how complicated Michael Jackson’s life was are coming out every day. Newly released FBI files reveal that in 1992 a man named Frank Paul Jones wrote a letter threatening to kill MJ and George H.W. Bush, reports TMZ.

Jones also threatened to slaughter everyone at an MJ concert unless New York mobster John Gotti paid him an undisclosed amount of money. The story gets even more bizarre when it is revealed that Jones’s threats are all for the love of Janet Jackson.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ that Jones believed he was married to Janet. “The situation,” he writes in one of many threatening letters, “is centered around [Janet’s] confused sexuality.” If Janet does not “overcome” her sexuality issues, “I’m gonna try to kill every homosexual on the face of the earth. If I can’t save my wife, they can’t be saved.”

Other revelations in the FBI file show that the agency was involved in building a case against the pop star with regards to child molestation charges. During the trial, agents were assigned to assist Santa Barbara county prosecutors while others were sent to the Phillipines and London to investigate allegations.

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