It’s Official: White People Are To Blame For Donald Trump’s Presidency
Chip Somodevilla

If you’re wondering, ‘Wow, what the hell happened?’ then look no further than White people. 

While many will blame Black people and Latinos for the horrible election outcome, that’s not the case. Young White people and women voted in massive numbers in support of Donald Trump.

According to CNN’s exit polls – which surveyed over 24,000 respondents at 350 polling stations – amongst White voters, who make up 69 percent of the total, 58 percent voted for Trump. 

What shocked most is that so many White women voted against their own interests; 53 percent cast their ballot for Trump.

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Forty-eight percent of 18 to 29-year-old Whites voted for Trump as well, proving that racism, xenophobia, and sexism is not just a generational thing. Forty-five percent of college-educated White women voted for Trump, while 54 percent of male college graduates voted for him. And, among non-college educated Whites, 67 percent voted for Trump. 

Broken down by income, 41 percent of White people making under $50,000 a year voted for Trump, while 49 percent of the 64 percent who make more than $50,000 a year voted for the reality television personality.

The numbers don’t lie.