When We All Vote: Janelle Monae Share’s Her Voting Story
Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images
Everyone remembers the first time they voted. And now, more than ever, exercising your right to vote is one way to have your voice heard. But it wasn’t that long ago when people weren’t afforded the right to vote, and even today, there are obstacles purposely created to prevent certain factions of people from voting. Singer-songwriter, and actress Janelle Monae is sharing her voting story for When We All Vote, an nonpartisan organization focused on registering people to vote, that she co-chairs. In the video below, Monae tells the story about how her grandmother, who was a sharecropper, told her it was important to vote. “I’ve done early voting. I have flown back from concerts to vote,” Monae said. Take a look at the video below: To learn more about When We All Vote, click here.


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