Twitter Mocks Donald Trump’s Attempt to Avoid Presidential Debates With #TrumpDebateExcuses
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Now that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have formally been announced as the Democratic and Republican Party presidential nominees, respectively, it’s time for the two to face off in an oral debate beyond the typical 140 character punchlines Trump attempts to deliver on Twitter. The debate schedule is set, with the first set to take place at Hofstra University on September 26. But The Donald, as President Obama affectionately calls him, claims the debates are rigged as two of them coincide with major NFL games including the first debate. So what does Trump do? He says he will not take part in a rigged debate. The GOP nominee turned to Twitter Friday night, as usual, and went on a #CrookedHillary rant before saying “Hillary and the Dems” are “unacceptable.” According to CNN Money, the presidential debates were scheduled in September of 2015, and has nothing to do with the hopeful distraction of Mondy Night Football as Trump and RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer claim. To celebrate Donald Trump’s attempt to sway the rules of a presidential election once again, Twitter decided to help the Republican nominee by offering him a series of other excuses he can use to evade a presidential debate with #TrumpDebateExcuses. Twitter Has the Best Reaction to President Obama’s 5 Best DNC Quotes WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.


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