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Donald Trump Tried To Kiss A Little Girl At A Rally And Her Reaction Was Priceless

The little girl managed to dodge an awkward second kiss attempt from Trump after his initial kiss on the cheek
Donald Trump Tried To Kiss A Little Girl At A Rally And Her Reaction Was Priceless

During a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, things got a little weird after Donald Trump spotted an adorable little girl in the crowd. 

Trump noticed the 7-year-old and her parents at the event and called for them to bring her up to the stage.

“She got all decked out for this evening. Wow, so beautiful. Bring her, she’s so beautiful,” he said. Trump then proceeded to give the little girl a kiss on the cheek, flashing the crowd a thumbs up and addressing her parents, “Wow, congratulations, what a job, what a beautiful person you are. Boy, they did a good job.”

The presidential hopeful then kicks up the creep factor by aiming a kiss for the little girl’s lips, which she manages to turn away from, before letting her go.

Trump then calls a second child to the stage, a little boy, who he also kisses on the cheek before letting go, saying, “Isn’t that what it’s all about? Beautiful.”

The moment soon went viral on social media, with many users pointing out the irony between the recent sexual assault allegations against Trump and the little girls’ reaction to his attempted kiss. Allegations against the Republican presidential candidate include accsations of raping a 13-year-old girl and separate claims that he sexually assaulted Miss Teen USA contestants while they changed. Video footage has also leaked of Trump bragging about “grabbing [women] by the p—y,” while a 1992 Entertainment Tonight recording shows Trump making lewd comments to a young girl.