A Trump Supporter In Texas Tried To Vote Twice And Was Arrested
Scott Olson/Getty Images

A Texas man tried to vote twice on Election Day. And yes, he is a Trump supporter.

Phillip Cook of Richmond, Texas was taken into custody by the the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s officer. He claimed to have worked for Donald Trump and was just “testing the system,” the Sheriff’s office tweeted.

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Trump’s camp has asserted that the election was rigged against him, and made accusations of widespread voter fraud—so it is ironic that it was one of their supporters that was arrested.

And how likely is any form of rigging? Very small, according to The New York Times.

“American elections are, unlike those in many democracies, largely decentralized, rendering the possibility of large-scale fraud extraordinarily unlikely,” they wrote in an article last month.

“Further, the balloting in many of the hardest-fought states will be overseen by Republican officials, individuals who would be highly unlikely to consent to helping Mrs. Clinton rig the vote.”

So we are not sure what Mr. Cook was testing, but he can think about his actions behind bars.