It appears as if the Democrats have finally found a sliver of a backbone and President Trump found out just as much just yesterday; when Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that her party would not be funding the wall that Trump promised his base no matter what. If an agreement had been made, it would have lead to the current government shut down coming to an abrupt and very necessary end. Many have assumed that perhaps Trump was exceedingly confident that the 19-going-on-20 day ordeal would be enough to back Democrats into a political corner of Gotcha!  Of course, when that did not happen, Trump suddenly slammed his hands on a table in the White House situation room, chucked an abrupt “bye-bye” at officials present, and stormed out of the room. Trump once again confirmed that his much sought after “border wall” continues to justifiably–and almost humorously–elude him. This is according to eyewitness testimony from Democrats who were present. It is unclear when talks to reopen the government will continue, considering the contentious and futile nature of the meeting. If a resolution is not agreed upon soon, this shutdown may, in fact, tie as the longest government shutdown in American History, as of this coming Friday. TOPICS: