After Donald Trump threw a tantrum and stormed out of a budget meeting with Democrats this past Wednesday, on Thursday, he told Sean Hannity, a Fox News host, that if he did not receive the $5.7 billion dollars that he allegedly needs for his border wall, to be placed on the Mexico-U.S. border, he “absolutely” had the right to declare a national emergency. And declaring so would apparently give him an array of options to fund his so-called wall. This would be his attempt to get over Congress, but most importantly, speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats that oppose the selfish and bigoted endeavor. Of course, his determination to steamroll this opposition comes from the fact that one of Trump’s central promises during his 2016 presidential campaign was that he would build a border wall and that Mexico would be the one to foot the bill. This has yet to happen, mostly because Mexico doesn’t suffer fools. Even of the presidential kind. Even so, Trump continues to reject all and any bipartisan efforts to approve a spending bill that would end the longstanding government shutdown—which is his effort to hold out for wall funding. Only time will tell how long he intends to draw this elaborate charade out.