Trump Campaign Says They Have ‘Major Voter Suppression Efforts’ Targeting Black People And Women

Donald Trump and his team are finally admitting to intentionally targeting African-Americans to discourage them from voting as one of their main strategies for attempting to win the upcoming presidential election.

While the Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly gone out of his way with multiple failed attempts to convince Black voters he’s the right man for the job, the most recent polls are proof that his efforts are falling on deaf ears in the African-American community. In response, Trump’s team is gearing up to put a more concentrated – and outright bogus – plan in motion targeting African-Americans and women who are most likely to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Speaking with Bloomberg about the GOP candidate’s team strategy as Election Day approaches, a senior Trump official made it plain the goal is to keep Black people, young women, and liberals away from the polls. “We have three major voter suppression operations under way,” the official reportedly told Bloomberg. The news outlet goes on to detail the plan, noting that Trump’s strategies include using several of both Hillary and Bill Clinton’s past shortcomings against them in hopes of keeping women and Black voters from heading to the polls to vote. Some of the ways in which Trump’s team has already begun implementing the manipulative strategies include running radio ads of Clinton’s “superpredator” comments on radio stations in areas of crucial swing states largely populated by Black residents. 

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While Trump’s team seems to believe driving more voters away from the polls will ultimately work in his favor, the voter suppression tactic also speaks to their own awareness that Trump is not quite as equipped to be president as he’s so adamantly claimed.

The fact that Trump’s main campaign strategy in the final days of the election is to focus more on vilifying his opponent than appealing to his own base of supporters truly speaks volumes about his chances of winning this election based on his own qualifications.