Donald Trump’s ‘Meeting On African-American Concerns’ Was Missing One Important Thing

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attempted to reach out to the Black community in Ohio with a “meeting on African-American concerns” which turned out to be, well, very concerning.

The meeting, which was held at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, had some pretty cringe-worthy moments according to HuffPost.

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Don King, for one, introduced Trump to the crowd using the N-word. And here’s the kicker; peep the crowd:

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Not many African Americans. Not much diversity at all. So who is Trump trying to reach?

Many are accusing the GOP candidate of not really being interested in the Black voter.

Rather, they believe this sort of strategy is to make himself more palatable to white Republicans and independents. But despite this belief, The Washington Times reports that Trump is leading Clinton in the Ohio polls.

A recent WSJ/NBC poll, however, found that Clinton is maintaining her edge over Trump by six percentage points.