As the midterm elections season slowly comes to an end, The Daily Show is taking their election coverage on the road to Miami, which is sort of a homecoming for its correspondent Dulce´ Sloan. Sloan, who joined the comedy news show last year, along with host Trevor Noah and fellow correspondents will no doubt have a lot to discuss when it comes to Kavanaugh’s recent hearings, Donald Trump’s latest shenanigans and the trail of tears white men have been shedding because they feel oppressed. If you haven’t heard, white men feel their quite oppressed nowadays. Yes, it’s hard out here being a majority (as opposed to minority) when the odds are so stacked up against you. Look at Kavanaugh, he got dragged through the mud and his imaged tarnished, and yet he still rose to become a Supreme Court justice, despite accusations of sexual assault. Woe is him, and his fellow white men. Clearly, those sentences were sarcasm. Equality always feel like an attacked when you were always the group that’s always been on top,” Sloan said, in an interview with ESSENCE, when asked about white men feeling oppressed. “I’ve had white male comics come up to me, and I don’t know why they pick me, because I’m the exact demographic of people taking their jobs. ‘It’s so hard for white people right now,’ they’ll say. And I’ll ask them why are they talking to me about this, ‘Well, I’d just thought you’d understand’, they would say,” Sloan continued. Sloan went on to say that everyone should be able to get a chance to be on top, but these “what about me” white men, are crazy. “Your ancestors created this scenario, and so now since women and people of color are starting to be recognized, they’re mad they can’t skate any more,” Sloan said. Our conversation with Sloan took place shortly after Kavanaugh was confirmed, and when it comes to the newly minted Supreme Court justice, Sloan had a few words for his supporters, specifically the women. “You’re supporting these types of men, but if you look at the statistics by a certain age every woman has either been sexually assaulted or harassed in some sort of fashion. Maybe these women are fortunate enough to have not gone through that. But you, as a woman, knows someone who has,” Sloan said. The Kavanaugh hearings were a reminder that there will always be women who won’t believe other women. And there will also be those women who will stand behind their man no matter what. Just take a look at the 53% of white women who voted for Trump. “Why did 53% of white women vote for Trump? What’s happening in your world? A girl I knew said, ‘I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted against Hillary’,” she continued. “I don’t understand it. I think it has to do with power and politics.” When it comes to simply just believing women, many people want to do the complete opposite. From victim blaming to even questioning why it took so long to report an assault, believing women seems to be a thing of the past. “The problem is that it’s not just men who don’t believe women, when women don’t believe women it helps men say ‘Aha! This woman doesn’t believe this woman, why should I believe this woman’?” Sloan said. “When did this narrative start that every woman is lying? All of us, collectively, around the world and got together and decided to lie on men? As a species, we all got together across the planet to lie? That’s the thing that’s most intriguing to me.” Who knows when the narrative started – but it all needs to end soon. Just simply believe women. You can catch Sloan and the rest of The Daily Show team the week of October 29 at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. Tickets for the tapings are free and will be available only through The Daily Show at, not through the venue’s box office.