Yes, We Want More Black Women To Run For Office. Just Not Stacey Dash
Kevin Winter

Stacey Dash once opined that more folks could be persuaded to vote Republican “if we just say it the right way and show them what the truth is, and go into the inner cities and show them that the narrative they’re being fed by the plantation mentality of the Democrats is false.”

Now, Dash plans to test her theory out with a bid for Congress. Spoiler alert: based on the district she is running in and the current political wave benefiting Democrats, it’s very likely that the clueless co-star of Clueless will end her congressional bid wishing she had gifted LisaRaye with a nice white pantsuit in order not to lose her spot on Single Ladies. As we all know, that’s where it all started to crumble for Dame Dash’s cousin.

As reported, the veteran actress — who would go on to serve as a political commentator on FOX News — has filed paperwork to run for Congress in California’s 44th district. She teased a run earlier this month, tweeting, “A number of people online and off have suggested I run for political office.”

Who are these people? Frenemies? Pranksters? Sadists? Please advise.

The 44th district is currently represented by Democrat Nanette Barragán and includes Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach.  Unsurprisingly, the district has long been represented by a Democrat, voting for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by 83-12. What are the chances that constituents in that district suddenly want a representative that speaks from the sunken place?

Exactly, which is why I’m not mocking Stacey Dash for living in a district that includes Compton, Watts, Sand Pedro, and North Long Beach. However, I reserve the right to be tickled that she thinks all of those Black and Brown people are going to vote for her Black ass after lending so much support to Republicans — most infamously for Donald Trump. When previously asked how she would speak to Black and Latinx voters about Sweet Potato Saddam, she offered this sales pitch: “Try something new. Especially a guy who’s not the establishment. He’s not the man, as they say it. The establishment doesn’t even like him. But he’s a Republican. He’s a conservative.”

We see how well that’s turned out, now haven’t we?

Dash is also the same person who asked why we need a Black History Month or the cable network BET? Why would a budding politician not appreciate celebrating the history of the most oppressed group in the country? Likewise, shouldn’t her IMDB profile alone make clear the necessity of Black-focused entities like BET? I have a hard time believing that Dash could convince anyone in this district to give her extra jelly for her biscuit much less a vote if she’s going to be canvassing with these sorts of musings.

One assumes that Dash, much like Antonio Sabàto Jr., another conservative celebrity who has found more attention reciting GOP talking points rather than script lines, is inspired by the current White House occupant given he is another dimwitted celebrity with no damn business in politics.

In theory, word of another Black woman — especially one with some nominal name recognition — running for office is a good thing. Plus, considering Dash was born to drug-addicted parents yet managed to become a famous actress, her story is arguably admirable and could give Capitol Hill so much needed diversity in terms of upbringing.

But again, only in theory.

Yes, there should be diversity in the Republican Party, but not just another Black face hitching itself to policies that only bolsters rich white people. Mia Love is a Black female congresswoman out of Utah, but Mia Love only spoke out against President Trump’s racism until it applied to her Haitian ancestry directly. Therein lies the problems with most Black conservatives who continue to pledge allegiance to a party that has spent decades exploiting the electorate’s prejudices to the point in which they would throw their weight behind an unabashed bigot and his band of white supremacists.

Stacey Dash is no different; we just know her from Clueless and Red Box theater selections. We do need more Black women running for political office, but not Black women who don’t support any policies that would actually benefit Black women.

Stacey Dash is adapt at parroting conservative tropes about why Blacks folk need to get off the “mental plantation,” but she’s the only one that’s truly delirious. She may not be ready to admit that yet, but here’s hoping once she catches that electoral fade later this year, she’ll find herself closer to reality.

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