Senate Passes $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill To Avoid Third Government Shutdown This Year
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The Senate passed a massive spending bill in the amount of $1.3 trillion early Friday morning, avoiding yet another government shutdown this year.

However, President Trump took to Twitter shortly after the development to announce his plans to veto the bill over a DACA solution that was not included. 

The tweet left both Democrats and Republicans confused, as a veto could work in the Dems favor.

From CNN:

Another senior Democratic aide told CNN that if Trump vetoes the bill, “It’ll be Christmas come early for us.” Multiple senior Republican aides made clear they had no idea Trump’s tweet was coming or whether it’s serious. One senior aide told CNN that leadership was trying to figure out if this is real or just bluster at the moment. “Presume it’s the latter,” one said. “But you just never know.”

The package will fund the federal government through the end of September with a bipartisan vote in the Senate of 65-32. This bill increases the funding for the military and offers funding for President Trump’s border wall. The bill also provides funding for infrastructure, child care development and fighting the opioid crisis.

Several Republicans rejected the bill. Sen. Rand Paul live-tweeted while reading through nearly 500 pages of the bill. 

The bill doesn’t address the DACA recipients and was opposed by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Democrat from Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez saidAnyone who votes for the omnibus is voting for the deportation of Dreamers and other immigrants. You will be voting to take money from law-abiding taxpayers — some of whom are immigrants — and give that money to privately-run prisons that will make a profit off of each and every human being our government hands over to them for detention and then deportation.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer supported the bill. “We feel good. We produced a darn good bill.”