7 Reasons Why Black Communities Can’t Sit This Election Out
Steve Debenport/Getty Images

The election is now less than 30 days away and with all that has happened in recent weeks, we can’t wait for the election to finally be over.

But if you’re still undecided about the importance of making your voice heard in this election, here are seven reasons why your vote is needed now more than ever.

Your Children Are Watching

Children are the most impressionable group of individuals on the planet and with everything going on in our communities and in the world, it’s important that they see you using your voice to make a change by exercise your right to vote. 

Our People Are Dying
The issue of police reform is at the top of the priority list for many in our community, and heading to the polls to support the candidate who you believe is most likely to make progress in that area is a crucial step in the process.

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Gun Violence Can’t Continue

Stricter gun laws in our country are a must, especially in the fight to end the gun violence that continues to claim thousands of lives in our communities every year. Take a moment to read up on your presidential candidates to find to where they stand on this issue….and then make sure you vote.

Our Women Deserve Better

Women across the country are standing up and speaking out to make sure they do all they can to help elect a president who looks to make changes in equal employment, education and many other rights for women. Given that Black women currently represent the fast growing group of entrepreneurs in the country, your vote is most certainly needed.

It’s Not Just About Choosing A President

While the electing the next POTUS is obviously the priority, that person will also have the final say in who is appointed to other important positions in government like the Supreme Court Justice, Secretary of State and Attorney General — all of whom play pivotal roles in decision-making that greatly affect our communities.

Our Vote Counts

The African-American vote is a powerful one than can surely make or break the next President of the United States. With everything at stake, it’s more than worth it to shut down social media, turn off the news reports and do your own research on who stands for what so you can make your vote count in all the ways that matter most.

Those Before Us Fought Too Hard 

As you likely already know, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s was a long and complicated battle to demand equal rights for African-Americans across the board. One of the most important victories to come out of all that our leaders risked their lives to fight for during that period was the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which legally broke down state and local barriers that prevented Black People from voting. People bled, died and pushed forward through the toughest of times so we could have the right to exercise our vote.

Remember that on November 8.