President Obama Congratulates Donald Trump And Invites Him To The White House
Leigh Vogel-Pool/Getty Images

If there’s one person in the world who was hoping America would elect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the next president more than Clinton herself, it was President Obama.

Throughout his time spent on the campaign trail for Clinton over the course of the last year, POTUS made it a point to remind Americans just how qualified of a candidate she is and even repeatedly highlighted why Donald Trump is the complete opposite. But be that as it may, Obama still kept it classy and carried on with his presidential duty on Wednesday morning, congratulating Trump and inviting him to the White House for a meeting.

“From the White House residence, the president phoned Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory early this morning,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement Wednesday morning. “The president invited the president-elect to meet with him at the White House on Thursday, November 10th, to update him on the transition planning his team has been working on for nearly a year.”

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Earnest also revealed that the President is focused on ensuring a “smooth transition” as Trump enters the Oval Office. “Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the president-elect is the next step,” Earnest added.  

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton are expected to speak publicly for the first time since the election’s end on Wednesday afternoon.