Viral Photo Appears To Show KKK Celebrating Trump’s Victory In North Carolina
Facebook/Tcyfl Tenino Beavers Youth Football & Cheer
While half of the country is struggling to process the idea of reality star and shrewd businessman Donald Trump running the country for the next four years, the other half is celebrating. Much of the nation watched in disbelief on Tuesday night as Trump emerged victorious in several key swing states that ultimately won him the presidency. Among the group of states that were projected to favor Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when all was said and done was North Carolina, a state where the Trump ultimately finished with 56 percent of the overall vote, while Clinton finished with 53 percent. The North Carolina population is 71 percent white and 19 percent Black, so when a young Black woman from Mebane, NC shared this photo on Wednesday morning that seemed to put the numbers even more in perspective, it sent shockwaves through Twitter. Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. The Politifact website did a little digging to get the real story behind the photo and claim to have concluded that the Trump supporters pictured actually weren’t affiliated with the KKK anyway. However, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke was among those who wasted no time sharing his excitment for Trump’s win on social media. CNN provided a more detailed look at the breakdown of voter turnout in North Carolina, showing that 33 percent of white voters voted for Clinton, while the former Secretary of State won the Black vote by a landslide with an overwhelming 91 percent of Black voters siding with her at the polls. North Carolina was also one of several states heavily targeted by Republican voter suppression efforts which aimed specifically to keep African-Americans and women away from the polls. In early October, a massive police raid shut down the state’s largest voter registration drive that was predominantly attended by Black voters. As of late October, nearly 45,000 completed voter registration applications were left in limbo as officials in the state investigated the shut down.


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