Only One Percent Of Black Voters Support Donald Trump
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Maybe first coined by President Obama while slow jamming the news on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, “Orange is not the New Black” will be the latest front-page headline of NY Daily News, Friday.

Tell ‘Em Boy, Bye! Donald Trump Says He’s Confident He’ll Win the African-American Vote

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, Donald Trump has the backing of one percent of Black voters. To put it in context, the newspaper explains that Trump’s Black vote poll falls behind the six percent of the Black vote that went to Mitt Romney in 2012 and the four percent that backed John McCain in 2008.

Hillary Clinton, however, received 91 percent support of Black voters according to the poll, but the support of Black voters might not be enough to secure her win.

Amongst general voters, the two candidates are neck and neck in a tight race with Clinton only slightly ahead 42 percent to 40 percent.

Every vote counts.

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