On Tuesday, Democratic leaders made a decision to hold off on a full House vote pertaining to the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, according to The Hill . Sources familiar with the matter say that the subject will be revisited at a later point.

According to reports, the decision was prompted by a lack of buy-in from key members of leadership on the Democratic side and a number of representatives who are running for reelection in areas where there is a lack of support for the impeachment proceedings. This comes after a two-week recess where members of Congress had the opportunity to poll their constituents on where they stand.

“There’s no requirement that we have a vote, and so at this time we will not be having a vote,” Pelosi told reporters at a press briefing just a few short hours before the night’s presidential debates.

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Though Democrats have decided to take a step back, a national poll conducted this month, suggests that the majority of Americans — 58 percent — are in favor of an impeachment inquiry. In a poll of New Hampshire voters released on Wednesday, 52 percent of them said they would back an impeachment inquiry based on the unfolding drama between Trump, Ukranian officials and the Biden family.  

In recent weeks, GOP leaders have attempted to get ahead of the situation by demanding a full House vote before agreeing to go along with the investigation. Democrats have noted that Trump’s refusal to cooperate could in and of itself be an impeachable offense.

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In response to a tweet addressing a GOP leader’s dismissal of Trump’s offenses, Nancy Pelosi said, “Our inquiry is deadly serious. Our Republican colleagues should end their stunts, consult their oaths, and answer this simple question honestly to the American people: is it acceptable for the President to ask a foreign country to investigate his political rivals?”

A date for a full house vote has yet to be determined.


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