Michelle Obama On Donald Trump’s Temper: ‘We Need An Adult In The White House’
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

First Lady Michelle Obama is calling out Donald Trump for the childlike temperament he’s been displaying as the 2016 presidential election season approaches its final month.

A reported 84 million viewers tuned in to the first presidential debate on Monday night, making it the most-watched presidential debate in U.S. history, so plenty of eyes were on Trump as he repeatedly failed to maintain his composure in the face of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s facts. His flustered reactions to hard-hitting questions and criticisms of his many questionable policy proposals from journalists, non-supporters and opponents has continued to draw attention to his campaign for all the wrong reasons throughout the 2016 election season.

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One person who has paid particularly close attention to the Republican Presidential Nominee’s lack of ability to maintain a level head in the hot seat is the First Lady.

Speaking a Clinton rally in Philadelphia on Wednesday, FLOTUS reiterated the need for the next president to be someone who can handle themselves and control their demeanor even in the most difficult of times. Seemingly addressing Trump’s debate comment claiming that he had a “better temperament” than Clinton, Mrs. Obama weighed in with what she’s learned about what it takes to be president from her observations as First Lady.

“As someone who has seen the presidency up close and personal, let me shared with you what I’ve learned about this job. Lessons that seem even more relevant and more critically important after watching Monday’s debate.”

Among other things, she emphasized the importance of electing a leader with “superb” judgment who will take the position seriously, stopping just short of mentioning Trump by name.

“When it comes to the qualifications we should demand in a president, to start with, we need someone who will take the job seriously,” she told the Pennsylvania crowd. “Someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone on their team. We need someone who is steady and measured, because when making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can’t just pop off or lash out irrationally. No, we need an adult in the White House.”  

Hear the First Lady’s full commentary on the topic in the video clip below.


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