Michelle Obama Faces Her Toughest Interviewer Yet — An 11-Year-Old MasterChef Junior Challenge Winner
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This article originally appeared on People

And the winner is … Justise!

As part of her prize for winning the Michelle Obama challenge on Thursday’s episode of MasterChef Junior, the 11-year-old was invited to the Kids’ State Dinner while President Barack Obama was still in office in July.

“I don’t think I ever imagined that me, 11-year-old Justise from Georgia, would get to go in the White House and have dinner with Michelle Obama!” she says.

In the exclusive clip that didn’t make it on air, Justise squeals with excitement and even gets the chance to interview the former First Lady herself.

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When asked what advice she would give kid chefs, Michelle says, “There is nothing more important that you can do for yourself than to get an education. Doing your best not just in the kitchen, but you’ve got to be your best in the classroom. I want you all to keep pushing and preparing yourself for college and doing well.”

“And the last thing I would tell you to do is your voice and help others because a lot of kids don’t know how important it is to eat healthy. So you guys have to be our ambassadors and introduce them to new vegetables and fruits.”

The clip also gives fans a look inside the Kids’ State Dinner, which featured a sit-down dinner with 56 young chefs representing each state in the U.S. and a chance to hear Michelle talk more about the importance of having children in the kitchen.

“I can’t wait to see everything you all do with your lives in the months and years ahead,” she says.